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Icebreaker Dresses for Hunt and Fish

The New Zealand brand Icebreaker – pioneer in merino wool outdoor wear – has reimagined its hunting and fishing apparel line for Fall/Winter 2015. The collection was created to offer an alternative to hunters, who after many hours or days outdoors need high performance wear that is both breathable and technical, just like any other […]

REI Evrgrn Brand Puts Camaraderie Back in Camping

REI announced the launch of “Evrgrn,” a new brand of camping gear aimed at helping a new generation socialize outdoors. The range includes rocking camp chairs, backpacks that keep 24-packs cool, and portable picnic tables. “Clever spins on traditional camping gear like a tent with unobstructed views for stargazing and wearable sleeping bags make spending time […]

Hala SUPs Get New Wave Designs

Hala Gear, the Steamboat Springs, CO-based standup paddleboard (SUP) company, premiers its 2016 line of inflatable SUPs shaped to perform in all waterways. With SUP designs trending from whitewater to touring and surf, the four-year-old Hala Gear is steadily building its consumer base by bringing new color schemes and rugged features, helping re-imagine inflatables as […]

Outdoor Athletes Dine Gourmet On the Summit

The food scene for outdoor athletes has never been better. From paleo-inspired snacks to rich desserts and gourmet freeze-dried dinners, this hot list of the season’s best new comestibles contains four major categories. The best part? With a return to natural ingredients, everything tastes better! Our list of meats, bars, on-the-fly and freeze-dried food is […]

From Lonely Climber to Trending Packs

By Nancy Prichard Bouchard There’s no doubt that the number of climbers has skyrocketed in the past decade. What was once a niche sport dominated by unapologetic individualists is now a mainstream pursuit. So, how do retailers take the curve? Popularity in bouldering in the early part of the millennium, coupled with rapid proliferation of […]

New Balance Football Boots Charge the Field

The brand launched two styles of boots designed for attack-minded players but differentiated by style-of-play and outlook. The Visaro Boot is for players who “Make Chances,” and the Furon Boot is for players who “Take Chances.” Visaro features a Vari-zone Ariaprene upper for ball manipulation, a Super-Flex soleplate for ground contact and a low-pressure zone […]

Eagle Creek Celebrates 40 Big Years

The founders of Eagle Creek – Steve and Nona Barker – have a lot to celebrate this summer. This year marks the 40th anniversary since the couple first started Eagle Creek in the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California, where they built and tested backpacks by hand. “It seems like a lifetime ago that Nona […]

A Brave New World of Wearables

If you already feel lost when you hear the word “wearables,” don’t sweat it. The term at the moment is a catch-all. Wall Street calls a GoPro a “wearable,” even though seeing how an Apple Watch and a POV action-sports camera fit under the same heading is a bit of a mental stretch for anyone […]

Osmo’s Sweet Women-Specific Fuel

Osmo Nutrition puts to bed the last shreds of belief that any old hydration and protein products will work “just fine” for today’s active woman. Their lines of scientifically reviewed products, including the sweet and newly released Strawberry Hydration and White Mocha Protein, have been formulated around the physiological and hormonal fluctuations unique to a […]

Generous Sole Beneath Balega Socks

In 2003, the same year as the company’s founding, Balega, now a leader in run and outdoor specialty socks, founded the Lesedi Project Fund, the company’s official nonprofit charity foundation. Lesedi is a Zulu word meaning “light and enlightenment.” Balega’s entire product line is made at its South African production facility in Cape Town, utilizing […]

Find the Perfect Outdoor Sandal

Versatility continues to be the buzzword that dominates outdoor sandals. Consumers want a mix of comfort and performance, and they are gravitating toward durable styles they can wear on a variety of terrains. Just as athletic influences have crossed over into outdoor in recent years, design sensibilities rooted in everyday fashion are evident in many […]

Ortovox Mountainwear Comes to America

SGB was first exposed to the latest in Ortovox mountain apparel after Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in January in anticipation of its fall launch into the U.S., and we finally had a chance to sit down with Ortovox U.S. Brand Manager Tom Mason to gain a better understanding about what this apparel means to retailers, […]

SUP Brands Inflate with Popularity

It was in the late 1990s, when this combination of surfing, kayaking and paddleboarding began its modern renaissance as an adventure sport. Although the modern upsurge began off the shores of Hawaii and California, the practice has traceable roots dating back hundreds and maybe thousands of years. Richard Ohman, founder, Point 65, a company that […]

Brunton Expands Power-On-The-Go

Go to any networking event and one of the hot topics for retailers is going to be portable power. Both from an environmental standpoint (charging via solar or USB instead of using batteries) and the fact that we are ever-more connected in the backcountry, portable power is a growing market for good reason. Brunton is […]

Shedding Light on Compression Gear

Compression gear rides a strange duality: the highly visible arm sleeves and tights are often seen on high-profile athletes in both individual and team sports, but many people don’t know exactly what benefits compression actually provides. Even explaining compression apparel can be tricky. For many, it fits into that category between fad and magic beans, […]