REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) announced the results of the 2010 board elections during its annual membership meeting held Monday, April 19 at the co-op’s Seattle flagship store. Co-op members elected Brenda Davis, Anne Farrell, John Hamlin and José Ignacio Lozano to the board.

Davis of Bozeman, Mont., was elected to a three-year term. Prior to her election, she served two one-year appointed terms. A lifelong conservationist and outdoor enthusiast, she has 30 years experience in business and government, including an executive role at a global healthcare and consumer products company. In 2009, she served on REI’s Audit and Finance Committee.

Farrell of Seattle, Wash., was elected to her fourth term on the board. Her strong background of more than 30 years includes executive leadership, investment and business management, corporate board experience and community involvement with mission-based organizations. Farrell served as the 2008 and 2009 board chair.

Hamlin of Austin, Texas, was elected to his second term. He is currently the president and managing partner of a private equity firm and former executive of a global computer company. In 2009, he was a member of REI’s Compensation Committee.

Lozano of Manhattan Beach, Calif., was elected to a three-year term after his initial appointment in 2008 to a one-year term. He currently is the principal of a private investment company and vice chairman of the leading publisher of Spanish language print and online news media in the country. In 2009, he was a member of REI’s Audit and Finance Committee.

The board of directors also selected officers for 2010. Anne Farrell was re-elected as chair and John Hamlin was elected vice chair.

During the co-op’s annual meeting, REI president and CEO Sally Jewell thanked board member Tom Harville for 12 years of service. Harville is retiring from the board in accordance with co-op term limits. Harville served for three years as the chair of the board, chair of the Audit and Finance Committee and various other committee roles. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, camping, cycling and kayaking.

“The co-op has been very fortunate to have Tom’s leadership and unwavering dedication to the co-op and our mission,” said Sally Jewell, REI president and CEO. “During his years of service, we have had strong retail growth from 45 to 110 stores and matured to be a strong financial performer that enabled the co-op to continually reward our membership while investing capital in our own business.”