Skechers is  developing two direct-to-DVD cartoon features, entitled “Hydee and the Hy-top” and “Twinkle Toes.” The move follows its subsidiary Skechers Entertainment’s deal to produce its first animated-series, “Zevo-3.”

Speaking to Variety magazine, Kristen Van Cott, Skechers VP of global licensing, said Skechers Entertainment’s “Hydee and the Hy-top” and “Twinkle Toes” are conceived as possible platforms for series sale.
“Were trying to produce viable creative entertainment that emphasizes the values that Skechers has as a family company and that deepens our connectedness with our young fans,” Van Cott said.

“Hydee and the Hy-top” is a flash-animated comedy centering on an all-girl rock band..”Twinkle Toes” is  a 2D girl-skewed comedy turning on a young dancer.

Zevo-3, which produced the show in association with European company Moonscoop, has been presold in the U.S. to Nicktoons for a fall debut. The series originated as a comic-book franchise and evolved into a 2-D animated property with 3-D CGI effects. It follows three young heroes-Jason (Z-Strap), Ellie (Elastika) and Matt (Kewl Breeze)-who develop extraordinary powers after a freak accident exposes them to a mysterious green compound.