G-Form and Forward Industries announced the transition to G-Form of Forward's global retail distribution operations. G-form, a Rhode Island based company, has developed proprietary technology (Reactive Protection TechnologyTM) that can absorb impact and stiffen momentarily by changing its molecular structure.

This technology has uses for a wide range of low-profile, uniquely designed protective athletic gear and electronic accessories that absorb over 90 percent of direct impact. The company is well known for its daring viral videos demonstrating the unique technology including dropping an iPad from 100,000 feet in near space without damage.

G-Form manufactures its core technology entirely in the USA, and has been responsible for creating over 300 jobs locally in the New England area in just the last six months.

Both Forward and G-Form had previously been working closely to create a global distribution network for products based on G-Form’s technology, and as a result of G-Form’s rapid expansion, a deal was brokered to integrate Forward’s retail distribution infrastructure. The acquisition of certain assets by G-Form and the transition of the retail distribution channels was made for an undisclosed sum, with the transfer expected to be complete within 60 days.

“When our consumers wear our RPTTM, they are stunned that they feel like they are wearing an iron-man suit that they forget they even have on,” said Dan Wyner, CEO, G-Form. “The material we use changes its molecular structure instantly and momentarily on impact to eat up the energy of a blow, and yet our RPTTM is fully washable and durable, and its unique looks make it aesthetically appealing.”

“We have a great set of distribution partners already for our athletic products,” added Ami Newsham, one of G-Form’s founders and VP of Sales, “and the transition of Forward’s far-reaching distribution and sales team for electronic gear in North America and EMEA is a perfect fit for us and for our current distributors. This new team will work arm in arm with our existing sports distributors to enhance the way we bring together electronics and lifestyle products.”

G-Form and Forward will work together to ensure a smooth transition for all of Forward's current customers, and will continue to service orders on Forward’s existing line of products. Future product development efforts, however, will focus almost entirely on G-Form’s revolutionary technology.

“Over the next several months, our customers will see the G-Form technology integrated into a wide range of products for almost any smart phone, tablet, or laptop,” said Rick Garrard, VP of R&D and head of G-Form’s tactical division. “We can bring an entirely different level of protection now to almost any electronic product case or bag, and the expanded range will definitely have even wider appeal. We are also rapidly expanding our athletic and body protection,” said Garrard. “We are finding that this technology raises the bar to a totally new level.”

G-Form will assume responsibility for many of the activities formerly managed at a number of Forward's global offices and warehouses, adding bases of operation in Dubai, Germany, India, UK and Holland.