Author: Erika Kuorikoski

TriggerPoint Introduces Impact Percussion Massage Gun

TriggerPoint Introduces Impact Percussion Massage Gun

TriggerPoint announces the launch of new TriggerPoint Impact Percussion Massage Gun. Designed to prepare your muscles and help you recover faster pre- and post- workout, the high-performance Impact Massage Gun delivers controllable and targeted deep tissue massage with four speed settings. The new Impact also boasts a quiet, brushless motor which maximizes battery life and reduces noise. The new Impact Percussion Massage Gun will be available online and at select retailers beginning January 1, 2020. (Read More)

Balega Launches Limited Edition Hidden Comfort Sock To Benefit Lesedi Project

Balega is launching a limited edition collection of Hidden Comfort socks to benefit the Lesedi Project, Balega’s non-profit organization and give-back initiative to strengthen South African and American communities. The new Limited Edition Lesedi Hidden Comfort line will be available in select run specialty retail stores in November. (Read More)

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