Next Mile Meals: Food to Fuel Your Next Adventure

Next Mile Meals provides low-carb and keto-friendly freeze-dried meals with quality meats, cheeses and vegetables that make the meals tastier, healthier and more filling. Each recipe was carefully crafted on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and trail-tested under the most extreme conditions.

Re:Claimed by MiiR: Transforming What’s Been Used by Making it Useful Again

Inspired by a restored 1966 Tucker 442 Sno-Cat pulled from a junkyard, Re:Claimed by MiiR is the first circular drinkware line, transforming what’s been used by making it useful again. Instead of throwing out the returned, scratched and dented, misprinted, and warrantied items, MiiR saves, sorts, and either refinishes or transforms each vessel into something useful.

Six Moon Designs Supports Pacific Northwest Trail Association with Gear Donation

Six Moon Designs recently made a donation of tents and backpacks to the Pacific Northwest Trail Association (PNTA), specifically to support their Performance Trail Crew program, helping the youth and young adults who served the program this season to be better equipped to reach remote worksites with less fatigue, and to weather long ten-day hitches camped out on the trail in greater comfort.