Beaverton, OR, October 18, 2019—Six Moon Designs, manufacturers of lightweight, high-quality, affordable backpacking equipment, recently made a donation of outdoor gear to the Pacific Northwest Trail Association (PNTA), specifically to support their Performance Trail Crew program.

With new lightweight backpacks and tents from Six Moon Designs, the youth and young adults who served on the PNTA backcountry trail crews this season were better equipped to reach remote worksites with less fatigue and to weather long ten-day hitches camped out on the trail in greater comfort.

The PNTA is proud to accomplish the majority of the trail work needed to maintain the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail through the paid Performance Trail Crew program. “This program provides local youth and young adults from trailside communities with a living wage, transportation, and meals to help break down traditional barriers to inclusion. The last piece of the puzzle for many of our participants is access to high-quality gear,” says Jeff Kish, Executive Director of the Pacific Northwest Trail Association. “That’s why I’m so grateful to receive this support from Six Moon Designs.”

“With the help of corporate partners, like Six Moon Designs, PNTA is working to build an outdoor gear library to ensure that anyone who aspires to work in service to our scenic public lands can do so — and thrive with access to gear that can work as hard as they do,” said Eric Wolborg, PNTA Communications Manager.

With a long list of personal equipment needed to participate on a backcountry trail crew, outdoor retailers can help eliminate the last barrier to participation for our youth crew members’ families and make a life-changing outdoor experience more accessible for all. For more information, visit


About PNTA Performance Trail Crews: Our Performance Trail Crews are seasonal trail maintenance and construction teams that keep the 1,200 mile Pacific Northwest Trail open for everyone to enjoy. Located high in the rugged mountain ranges of the Northwest, access to many trailheads along the PNT is limited most of the year. Our Performance Trail Crews help us make the most of the short season. Each summer, they travel to work wherever they are needed most, restoring the trail from nature’s toll and working to improve the trail system. Performance Trail Crew Members spend the summer outdoors discovering our scenic public lands while working on the Pacific Northwest Trail. Teams of 3-6 people are guided by certified PNTA Crew Leaders on projects that are fun and challenging. Learn more about the Performance Trail Crew Program here.

About Six Moon Designs: Six Moon Designs was born on the Pacific Crest Trail by Ron Moak, an avid thru-hiker who sought out much lighter weight gear than what was available at the time. In 2002, Moak introduced his first product the Europa Tent, a 33oz. single wall sil-nylon shelter, and the backpacking community quickly embraced the lightweight backpacking ethic. Soon, other innovative Six Moon Designs products followed including the Gatewood Cape, a combination poncho/shelter system and the Starlite Pack, a pioneering frameless pack with a large carrying capacity, all setting the bar for affordable, durable and lightweight backpacking gear. Today, Six Moon Designs continues to be on the cutting edge of ultralight innovation and strives to make quality ultralight tents, shelters, backpacks and other accessories designed to get more people outdoors. Learn more about Six Moon Designs here.