Buffalo, NY, June 18, 2020 – LEKI, the leader in skiing, trekking and trail running poles, and Women Who Hike, an organization that empowers women on and off the trail, have announced a partnership to provide women with the resources and gear they need to head out for a hike. Women Who Hike taps into over 60 ambassadors throughout the country who host a multitude of group hikes each year, and LEKI is providing each ambassador with a pair of women-specific trekking poles along with educational resources on how poles can make the hiking experience even better.

“Joining forces with Women Who Hike makes sense, since LEKI has been making women’s poles for a number of years now and there’s a shared passion for getting women outdoors,” says Karo Arnesen, Sales and Marketing Coordinator for LEKI USA. “We’re looking forward to helping to ease some of the fears and providing the tools necessary for women to take the next step in their outdoor adventures.”

Trekking poles improve balance, posture and stability while reducing knee and back strain, and work as extra legs to provide stability on uneven terrain, stream crossings and more. They increase trail endurance by allowing leg muscles and joints to share the load with the upper body. Hikers feel stronger and more confident when using trekking poles, adding to the overall outdoor experience and allowing them to fully enjoy their surroundings.

In addition to providing Women Who Hike ambassadors with trekking poles for the upcoming hiking season, LEKI will also be reaching out to thousands of hikers in the Women Who Hike community with education and other resources once it’s safe for groups to get back on the trails together. For more information, visit womenwhohike.com.

About Women Who Hike: Women Who Hike is an organization that empowers women on and off the trail. Through each of our hiking journeys, we are able to connect to and inspire each other. Nature is a place where we can come as we are and a place that we can come together. Whether you’re a solo hiker, hiking with friends, or attending a group hike; We have come to find that there is something about being on the trail that opens the heart and lifts the soul. Women Who Hike is a 1% For The Planet Company and Leave No Trace Partner. womenwhohike.com.

About LEKI: Founded in 1948, LEKI is a leading manufacturer of Skiing, Trekking and Trail Running poles and gloves, and its latest addition of folding camp chairs and tables. LEKI products are German engineered with most of the products being made in the company’s Czech Republic factory. This in conjunction with extensive research and independent testing make the best products featuring quality, value and technology. LEKI USA, Inc., headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is the sole distributor of LEKI brand products in the United States. For more information please visit leki.com/us/ or call 800.255.9982.