The newly formed World kayak Organization, backed by Jackson Kayaks, is looking to double whitewater kayaking participation in the next five years. The organization is doing this by creating a community hub at that focuses on news, recreation and activism at the grassroots level. It is doing this through partnership with American Whitewater, its own blog, a comprehensive whitewater river wikipedia system, and regional and national whitewater news sections.

“The goal of the program is to give more opportunities to paddlers to get out in a good communal setting,” said World Kayak coordinator Colin Kemp.

Also on the site, boaters can find contact information for the ambassador in their area, as well as a list of local kayak clubs, instructional opportunities, social paddling outings and more, all supplied and updated by World Kayak ambassadors. The ambassadors have duties designed to help strengthen connections among boaters in their respective communities including making sure such things as event info and gauge readings are accurate and updated as needed. Ambassadors will also contribute two route descriptions about their home waters; one for new and beginning boaters, the other for intermediate boaters.

While the initiative is the brainchild of Kemp and Jackson Kayak founder and president Eric 'EJ' Jackson, Jackson was quick to stress that it is “immaterial that Jackson Kayak is leading this effort. What is important,” Jackson said, “is that World Kayak is successful growing the paddling community.”