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The Solace Of Winter Running

As camaraderie and warmth beckon from the fitness studio, we hit the snow running and remember the reasons to be a tribe of one.

The Fear Of Returning To Snow

Winter Park’s mental skills coach, Stephanie Zavilla, explains how to banish psychological demons and recover with confidence this ski season.

Trend Spotting at Rio 2016: Swim Brands to Watch

As it should be, our focus is on the athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. But being in the business of the trade, we also can’t help but notice the active-lifestyle brands winning prime real estate on the stage.

Nominate Your Innovators of the Year

This fall, SGB will spotlight the people, products and business strategies that push the active lifestyle industry forward with the first SGB Innovators of the Year Awards.

Live at Outdoor Friedrichshafen – Day 2

SGB is live at Outdoor Friedrichshafen 2016 in Germany, bringing our U.S. readers a glimpse at some of the top trends, news and products coming out of Europe.

Skirt Sports Goes Brick-and-Mortar

Skirt Sports, the hear-her-roar brand created by collegiate athlete turned Ironman Champion Nicole DeBoom, has officially set up shop.

A Look at 2017 Street Style at the Agenda Show

The Agenda Show, held June 29-30, 2016 in Long Beach, CA, is a breeding ground for boutique sneaker, skate and surf shop retailers with a killer eye for the street styles that will define 2017. Among the retailers in attendance were Sole Classics — a Columbus, OH urban retailers notorious on social media for its highly […]