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The Great E-Bike Debate

Pedal assist e-bikes allow riders to go faster and make climbing hills easier, which may be great for urban commuting, but do they have any place on classic mountain biking and hiking trails? Many avid riders say no.

Chaco Releases Bears Ears Collection

One hundred percent of net proceeds from the collection will go to two non-profits dedicated to protecting the monument and the 1.3 million acres of cultural and ecologically significant public land it includes.

The Solace Of Winter Running

As camaraderie and warmth beckon from the fitness studio, we hit the snow running and remember the reasons to be a tribe of one.

The Fear Of Returning To Snow

Winter Park’s mental skills coach, Stephanie Zavilla, explains how to banish psychological demons and recover with confidence this ski season.

Legendary Innovator Gert Boyle: Spanning Generations

The First Lady of Innovation was more than an industry icon and philanthropist. She was a model for the power of the pioneering spirit—venturing into the unknown with vision and determination and leading by example for others to follow.

Visit The National Parks For Free This Weekend

The industry has been celebrating the National Parks centennial all year, but today marks the park service’s actual birthday, and to celebrate, all parks are free through the weekend.

Nominate Your Innovators of the Year

This fall, SGB will spotlight the people, products and business strategies that push the active lifestyle industry forward with the first SGB Innovators of the Year Awards.