Watershed Drybags introduced a new material, Kryptothane Plus, on all its recreational drybags and three new colors—safety orange, royal purple and smoke green for 2024.

The company said the “foundation of this cutting-edge material [Kryptothane Plus) is an 840 denier nylon base fabric, chosen for its exceptional strength and resilience.”

Building on this foundation, Watershed said it “employed an advanced extrusion process on both sides, utilizing pigmented polyurethane. The result is a coating that boasts increased thickness and exhibits enhanced resistance to UV rays to ensure longevity and reliability in the harshest outdoor environments.”

“One of the standout features of Kryptothane Plus is its unique embossing process. Through a specialized roller process, Watershed achieves a balanced, grippy coating that enhances the overall functionality of the material. This embossing contributes to improved grip and adds a distinctive texture that sets Kryptothane Plus apart from other materials on the market,” said Watershed.

“Founded on a mission to craft USA-made, durable, waterproof bags that protect and keep outdoor adventurers’ gear safe and dry, this material launch is a leap forward to ensure durability for all outdoor adventures,” said Eric Revels, CEO of Watershed. “This proprietary material recipe coupled with our new colors shows Watershed continues to innovate and keep up with athletes pushing boundaries.”

Photos courtesy Watershed