Honors The Grand Canyon’s 100-year Centennial
With Born In the Canyon For Spring 2019


The centennial celebration was the inspiration behind the GC100 footwear collection from Teva. The collection features five styles for men, women, and kids, with updated versions of the Hurricane XLT2, Original Sandal, and Original Universal, and two new silhouettes, the Hurricane XLT2 Alp, and Hurricane line.

Teva has also pledged to donate “$100K for 100 Years” to the Grand Canyon Conservancy, the non-profit partner of the Grand Canyon National Park.  A portion of the money will go to the Conservancy’s Grand Canyon Field School. The remaining money will fund the restoration of the Bright Angel Trail.

The celebration will continue all year with the brands “Born in the Canyon” campaign, the release of a short video series called “Faces of the Canyon, and is the host of global sweepstakes where consumers can enter to win a river trip in the Grand Canyon.

Photo courtesy Teva