Temple University it has reached an exclusive licensing agreement with Creative Footwear Technology (CFT). The agreement calls for Creative Footwear Technology to bring the invention of Drs. James McGuire and Kendrick Whitney of the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine  to the marketplace.

Their invention uses the latest developments in foot and ankle research. It creates an innovative, bio-mechanically sound footwear that provides people who have diabetes or arthritis with incredible comfort, superior support and function. The partnership between Temple University and CFT has produced the first “university designed” shoe technology applicable to all types of shoes.   

Whitney and McGuire came up with a comfortable, inexpensive shoe that can be worn by anyone with tired or painful feet in need of a little. The name of their show, the “R 'n' R”-or Rest and Recovery shoe, was designed using the latest in biomechanical theory to develop and entirely new way of supporting the arch of the foot and dissipating the shock and stress one experiences at heel strike and push-off, the two most stressful parts of the gait cycle.