WHP Global signed a new long-term license for its Lotto brand with Agilitas Sports for the exclusive rights to design, manufacture, promote, and distribute the brand in India, Australia and soon in South Africa.

WHP Global acquired the Lotto brand in August 2021.

“We are delighted to embark on this journey with Agilitas Sports,” said Stanley Silverstein, chief commercial officer at WHP Global. “We are impressed by the expertise of the company’s founders in the sportswear and athleisure market, along with the comprehensive business model they have crafted at Agilitas. Their dedicated focus on the sportswear industry and a profound belief in India’s promising future as well as other markets like Australia and South Africa, is in line with our core mission of growing the Lotto brand globally.”

WHP said the deal for the license rights to Lotto comes when India is witnessing an “unprecedented boom in the sports performance and athleisure categories.” Agilitas, recognizing this, said it is “set to create a company that impacts the entire value chain from manufacturing to retail.”

“We are excited to launch our first consumer brand license with Lotto,” offered Abhishek Ganguly, co-founder and CEO of Agilitas Sports. “Through this license agreement, we will build and implement state-of-the-art manufacturing, cutting-edge technology and design innovation for Lotto for its product development, in addition to marketing and retailing the brand.

Agilitas said it will “invest in a dedicated management team to grow the Lotto brand through product creation, design innovation, supply chain, branding, marketing, and distribution channels.”

“Our design and development team in Bangalore brings together a wealth of experience in established global brands, enabling us to create relevant products that resonate with the Indian consumers,” Ganguly continued. “We aim to build an agile product creation cycle and supply chain that is vertically integrated from manufacturing to retail; this would enable us to react quickly to consumer insights and latest trends in an agile and nimble manner. As Agilitas Sports pursues profitable and sustainable growth, this collaboration is poised to make a significant impact on our business and the consumer markets under license.”

Agilitas recently acquired Mochiko, the country’s largest manufacturer of sports shoes, which has scaled up its production and manufacturing capabilities. Agilitas said this partnership “aims to penetrate the markets and grow the Lotto brand exponentially.” The company said it will make “large investments in manufacturing, designing, R&D, supply chain, marketing, and distribution in the near future.”

Aiming to launch by early 2025, Agilitas plans a multi-category footwear, apparel, accessories, and sports equipment offering. Mochiko’s establishment of a dedicated factory in Noida to manufacture Lotto is said to “validate Agilitas Sports’ commitment to manufacturing in the country.”

The company “plans to over-index and focus on delivering a high-value proposition regarding cost to the consumer.”

Agilitas will reportedly distribute Lotto products through direct-to-consumer online channels, brand EBOs, shop-in-shops with retail partners, and online marketplaces starting in its first year of launch. Additionally, it will bolster Lotto’s presence through consumer engagement, marketing and partnerships with athletes and clubs. Simultaneously, Agilitas said it would “nurture grassroots talent and foster collaborations with designers, artists, and musicians, aiming to build lasting brand affinity among consumers.”

Margaret Kivett, SVP and WHP Global’s Athletic Vertical, added, “Partnering with Agilitas Sports marks an exciting chapter for Lotto. We are thrilled to collaborate with their dynamic team to amplify Lotto’s presence in pivotal global markets, particularly in soccer and racket sports hotspots like India and Australia. Together, we’re poised to elevate the brand’s reach and impact, bringing the spirit of Lotto to even more enthusiasts worldwide.”

Image courtesy Lotto