The Forzani Group Ltd. said it opened nearly 60 Sport Chek stores nationwide, with plans to expand the shops to even more stores in even more cities.

“The obvious advantage to having the Nevada Bob’s Golf Shops inside Sport Chek locations is that it allows us to be a one-stop shopping experience and really embrace the culture around sports,” says Mark Hindman, Vice President of Marketing for The Forzani Group Ltd. “Nevada Bob’s Golf is a name Canadians have trusted for years as their ultimate golf shopping destination, and were excited to be able to bring it to more markets across Canada, packaged up inside Sport Chek stores for the utmost in accessibility and convenience.”

Nevada Bob’s Golf Shops employ CPGA professionals to assist in choosing equipment, apparel and accessories, offer golf tips, make course recommendations and suggest equipment changes and adjustments to improve a player’s game.

“We have recognized the highly specialized needs of our golf customers and have strategically aligned ourselves with very knowledgeable, experienced golf associates in our Nevada Bob’s Golf Shops. These associates are highly skilled in assessing customers needs, getting them better prepared to enjoy and excel at golf,” says Dax Brewster, Manager of Special Business for the Forzani Group.

“Weve also brought important tools of the trade to our stores,” says Brewster. “The FlightScope indoor tracking device, for example, is an incredibly valuable fitting tool that uses Doppler radar technology to provide customers with instant feedback as to how golf product is working for them in-store, prior to purchasing.”

Nevada Bob’s Golf Shops inside Sport Chek stores offer in-store demos, custom fitting and maintenance services including regripping, lie angle customization and more, as well as equipment trade-in programs.