News out of Germany last week has the Court there apparently siding with Puma AG in the ongoing dispute over a one-piece kit the company had designed for Cameroon. FIFA had previously fined Cameroon for wearing the uniforms during the African Cup in 2004, in addition to docking the team six points, a penalty which FIFA later rescinded.

Judge Ingrid Kefer pointed out that though FIFA rules state that “the basic compulsory equipment of a player is: jersey or shirt; shorts…,” the rules do not say the shirt and shorts cannot be connected.

Puma is seeking €2 million ($2.57 million) in damages as well as the ability to market the uniforms. Puma also claims that FIFA acted with the intent of aiding Puma’s long-time, cross-town rival, adidas. A final ruling in the case is expected on June 1, 2005.