People for Bikes released its second annual list of America’s Best New Bike Lanes as well as an updated tally of the country’s protected bike lanes.

The non-profit counts 184 protected bike lanes in the United States ranging from those separated from vehicularl traffic by planters and curbs to those separated by parked cars, flexible plastic posts known as bollards, or simply delineated by painted lines or lanes.

This year’s list of best new bike lanes includes:

  • Polk Street, San Francisco
  • 2nd Ave., Seattle
  • Riverside Dr, Memphis, TN
  • Rosemead Blvd, Temple City, CA.
  • Furniss Dr., Austin, TX
  • Broadway, Seattle
  • SW Multnomah Boulevard, Portland, OR
  • Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh
  • King Street, Honolulu
  • Broadway, Chicago

People for Bikes counts 134 bike lanes projects are now on the drawing boards across the country, including one that runs for 3.4 miles along Baily Avenue/Martin Luther King Boulevard and E 8th St. in downtown Chattanooga, TN that will be separated by painted lines and bollards.