Orvis announced the launch of its Helios Blackout Rod collection hand-built at its Rod Shop in Manchester, VT. The rods provide users with scenario-specific equipment to match the intended use.

“The research and development team at the Orvis rod shop is always curious and looking for ways to push the envelope of fly rod design to create new advantages for the angler,” said Shawn Combs, director of product design and development at Orvis. “With the new Helios Blackout models, our team developed new construction techniques to take the existing Helios 3 series to the next level with a focus on specific use cases. This is exhibited through three models that are designed for improved line control on big rivers, quick shots from a skiff and unheard of nymphing sensitivity without compromising accuracy.” 

With specialized fly fishing situations in mind, the Helios Blackout Rod collection was designed in collaboration with Orvis’ network of professional guides and in-house gear designers. The collection is comprised of three specialized models including a 9-foot 5-inch, 5-weight trout rod, an 8-foot 5-inch, 8-weight boat rod and an 11-foot, 3-weight rod designed for Euro nymphing. Building on the Helios 3 series, each rod is handmade using premium materials and over 150 years of innovation and craftsmanship from the company’s rod shop in Vermont.

Offering accuracy, long-range mending abilities and ultralight swing weight, the 9-foot 5-inch, 5-weight trout rod offers anglers the reach and added lift on a back cast of a 10-foot rod with the feel of a 9-foot rod. Taking quick-turn, one-shot fly placement to a new level, the 8-foot 5-inch, 8-weight rod provides anglers with the ability to quickly change directions with precision and deliver the high-speed line delivery. With the growing popularity of the Euro nymphing technique in the U.S., the 11-foot, 3-weight freshwater nymphing rod combines high-sensitivity and accuracy for improved strike indication added length for intuitive drift control in complex currents and a softer tip to protect ultra-fine tippet material. All of these details add up to providing anglers with an improved experience with specialized tools to catch more fish.

“At Orvis, we’ve always approached our fly rod development with a playful attitude and willingness to keep testing and refining until we achieve the desired result,” said Tom Rosenbauer, chief enthusiast, Orvis. “Shawn and the team at the rod shop have really embraced this purpose-built and experience-driven philosophy while creating the Blackout rods and that shines through when fishing them. For their given purpose, each rod is destined to be best in class.”

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Photo courtesy Orvis