Luca Toni, the forward of Fiorentina and the Italian national squad visited his technical sponsor at Lotto Sport Italia’s headquarters in Italy. The violet bomber met the Lotto President, Andrea Tomat, and the meeting saw an extension to the sponsorship agreement between the player and the Italian company until July 31, 2010.

“We are satisfied but not surprised by the Luca’s performance” said Andrea Tomat “we have always believed in his potential since his days with Palermo more than 3 years ago. It has been a story of growing up together. Today Luca is our main testimonial, as he exemplifies the brand’s values of high technical content matched with unmistakable Italian style”.

Luca Toni made a point of meeting all the personnel and of taking a full tour around the company, in particular to Lotto's R&D Centre. This is actually where design and development took place of Zhero Gravity, the world's first laceless football boot – thanks also to Toni’s contribution. Of course he'll be wearing the boots, manufactured in Italy, at this year's FIFA World Cup in Germany.

In the early afternoon Luca Toni then visited the company's Factory Outlet Store at Cornuda to meet the many fans, giving autographs and, as always, expressing all of his typically positive Italian charisma.

Teamed up together, Lotto and Luca Toni are a strong blend that identifies and promotes the essence of Italian football worldwide. A great athlete and a great product unrivalled in terms of quality and technology.

Zhero Gravity by Lotto, on the feet of Luca Toni, will be the greatest expression of “Made in Italy” at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.