Kylie Jenner strikes gold again. Already at the helm of a billion-dollar business, she’s capitalized on her love of sweats and hoodies instead of power suits with her latest ca-ching Adidas collab. Following in the footsteps of Pharell Williams, A$AP Rocky and brother-in-law —”Ye”, “Yeeze”, “Konman”, The Louis Vuitton Don” — Kanye West, she debuts the Reveal Your Voice Collection … so glam … in periwinkle gray.

A quick-change artist who can swap out her hair color (and length) to suit her mood, the collection comes from her very popular Lipstick collection. Yes, that’s right, Lipsticks. Within 18 months, she turned her $29 lipstick business into a $420 million empire — and all without a college diploma.

“Shady [is] this really beautiful blue, it’s out of the box and inspired me to create all of these super cute clothes with Adidas. I think the color turned out so beautifully.” — Kylie Jenner

A gal who prefers to match her outfits with lipstick, the collaboration fits her everyday persona.

“I definitely take into consideration my make-up every time I pick an outfit. The outfit comes first. And then the make-up. So [it’s] like an accessory — the cherry on top.” — Kylie Jenner

Oh, how the money continues to roll in.

Photos courtesy Adidas x Kyle Jenner