Fitbit sealed partnerships with three cutting-edge brands in the health and fitness space as part of the growing list of popular products and services that have joined the Works with Fitbit program.

Habit will leverage Fitbit data to create customized food recommendations and nutrition plans.

Peloton, the company that created a revolutionary indoor bike that brings live and on-demand studio classes into your home, will automatically share post-ride metrics to your Fitbit app so you can see the impact on your overall health and fitness.

VirZoom, an online multiplayer virtual reality sports games, gives you credit for your VR bike ride directly in your Fitbit app, providing a gamified approach to meeting your workout goals.

Works with Fitbit lets developers, brands and Fitbit users connect the Fitbit platform to popular health and wellness apps, services and hardware products, making it easier for consumers to achieve their wellness goals.

“We embrace new partnerships with brands that share our goal of creating experiences that enable people to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle and we are always looking for fun, innovative ways to keep our community engaged and motivated on their health and fitness journey,” said Tim Rosa, SVP and CMO, Fitbit. “Whether you enjoy racing through a virtual reality world as an F1 driver, or you are motivated to pedal your heart out with a group class in the comfort of your own home, the Works with Fitbit program makes it easy for users to enjoy, track and measure their health and fitness stats all in one spot.”

Photo courtesy Peloton