Two of Dovetail Workwear’s Founders, Kate and Kyle Marie, pictured above and below, followed their gardening passion and launched a landscape design business prior to starting the brand. Digging in the wet, Pacific Northwest soil was uncomfortable, and their everyday jeans weren’t up to the job nor was the workwear for women in the market that was either ill-fitting and tailored for men’s bodies or was offered in stereotypical colors and patterns.

Enter their client, Sara DeLuca, pictured left center, who had worked extensively in the apparel industry and knew the ins-and-outs of sourcing and production. Together the three partnered to create the brand and their first pant called Mavin Slim. 

More than two years of extensive field testing on real women from bike mechanics and construction workers to artists and firefighters went into honing the design of the work pant. Fast-forward and the pant has sold out of every production run since it launched.

Today, the Founders are leading the women’s workwear movement with a collection of apparel and accessories supporting the physical outdoor occupations of women here and abroad. The resulting journey reflects Dovetail’s commitment to the needs and styles of all women workers.

The Fall 2018 collection includes several standouts, the straight-leg Britt Utility pant, the relaxed-fit Day Construct pant, the Freshley Overall and the Givens Workshirt. Knit tops and apparel accessories including kneepads, work gloves, wool beanies, and belts complete the assortment. Watch here to learn more about the ethos of the brand.

The company continues to break new ground with innovative fabric technologies including durable and abrasion-tested stretch canvas and denim, gussets, and secured pocket components. And all Dovetail Workwear pants and overalls are available in sizes 000-18 with four inseam options.

“We are really proud of how we are striving to fit all types of women. Whether you’re a rugged welder, field scientist, or studio artist, our democratic fit, high-quality stretch fabrics and pocket and pattern features translate throughout every part of a woman’s day. It’s workwear fit for the job and capable of anything.” — Kyle Marie Begley, Co-Founder, Dovetail Workwear

As a female-led business that strives to meet women’s needs, Dovetail keeps its social mission to advance female occupational and economic advancement at the forefront of their work.

“Partnering with groups like Oregon Tradeswomen and SkillsUSA is the oxygen of this business. Groups like these enable women to enter non-traditional occupations by providing training, mentoring, community and support resources that lead women to success. Without such guiding partners, Dovetail Workwear would not be able to do the work that we do.” — Sara DeLuca, Co-Founder, Dovetail Workwear

In 2018, Dovetail Workwear donated $3,000 to Oregon Tradeswomen to establish The Maven Scholarship Fund to promote women’s access to trades occupations. The company also frequently makes in-kind donations to organizations such as Girls Build, SkillsUSA, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Learn more about products and Dovetail’s story at Photos courtesy Dovetail Workwear