The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association and PeopleForBikes plan to file an application for a tariff exclusion for electric bicycles, and possibly electric bicycle motors, but the United States Trade Representative mandates that their exclusion applications be supported by data collected from members.

The associations are currently collecting the required member information. Their final determination on whether to apply for a tariff exclusion for e-bike motors will depend on the outcome of those data collection efforts. Tariff data collected to date from members has not indicated that there are significant e-bike motor imports (separate from a complete bicycle or e-bike conversion kits) from China.

While the organizations intend to apply broadly for tariff relief for electric bicycles that meet current U.S. state and federal standards, their application does not preclude individual companies from filing exclusion applications for their specific products. Applications must be received by December 18.

Industry stakeholders can support BPSA’s and PeopleForBikes’ efforts by taking the following actions:

  • If you are a member of the BPSA or PeopleForBikes that imports e-bikes or e-bike motors, make sure your company has completed our survey. Contact Alex Logemann at to check on the status of your company.
  • Watch for additional communications in December. They may call upon companies in our industry to comment in support of our exclusion application once it is filed.

Questions about this process can be addressed to:

Alex Logemann
Director of State + Local Policy
PeopleForBikes Coalition

Larry Pizzi
Chair, Electric Bicycle Committee
Bicycle Product Suppliers Association