Major League Baseball Players, Inc. announced a partnership with protective headgear company 2nd Skull Inc. The 2nd Skull brand will be officially licensed by MLB Players, Inc., which will also take an ownership interest in 2nd Skull and support the promotion of its brand and products across the sports equipment market and affiliated youth baseball and other sports organizations.

2nd Skul offers a patented line of impact-mitigating practical headgear solutions for use in both helmeted and non-helmeted activities. Designed to seamlessly integrate into sports and activities, 2nd Skull products can be worn on their own, under caps, or under helmets.

MLB Players, Inc. is the business and licensing arm of the Major League Baseball Players Association, the union that represents active Major League players on all 30 teams.

“This relationship is a great example of MLB Players, Inc.’s commitment to utilizing all available technology, resources, and relationships to maximize player safety,” said Greg Czerpak, president and chief operating officer of 2nd Skull. “We are thrilled to work with MLB Players, Inc. to strengthen 2nd Skull’s connection with players at all levels.”

The partnership grants 2nd Skull specific rights to market and transact through MLB Players, Inc.’s owned and paid promotional channels.

“We felt this opportunity to utilize the tremendous marketing value and platform of our players to progress safety within the game of baseball at all levels was an ideal match with 2nd Skull’s mission and values,” said Evan Kaplan, managing director of MLB Players, Inc.

“Growing up as a three-sport athlete and throughout my professional career, I had a few scary moments involving collisions and injuries,” said Chris Capuano, MLBPA’s director of operations and former 12-year MLB veteran. “But playing sports bring us so many positive lessons and experiences that we can apply throughout life, and I am passionate about leveraging cutting edge technology and design to continue to have those rich experiences as safely and intelligently as possible.”

Photo courtesy 2nd Skull