According to Major League Baseball, 18 of the 20 most popular jerseys are of players ages 30 or younger, including five players under the age of 24. Reigning National League Most Valuable Player Award winner Buster
Posey's No. 28 Giants jersey tops the list, while Yankees closer Mariano
Rivera and Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina round out the top three.

Last year's Rookie of the Year winners, the Nationals' Bryce Harper (No. 6) and the Angels' Mike Trout (No. 9), rank in the top 10, as do Mets right-hander Matt Harvey (No. 5) and Orioles third baseman Manny Machado (No. 8).

Despite not debuting until June 3, Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig's jersey comes in at No. 10.

The top rankings of jerseys sold has a New York flavor, with Big Apple mainstays Mets third baseman David Wright (No. 4) and Yankees captain Derek Jeter (No. 7) joining their teammates Harvey and Rivera in the top 10.

The West Coast rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants can also be seen within the top 20, with Los Angeles having the most players on the list, with lefty Hyun-Jin Ryu (No. 11), Matt Kemp (No. 14) and Clayton Kershaw (No. 15) joining Puig. The World Series champion Giants have closer Sergio Romo (No. 16) and third baseman Pablo Sandoval (No. 19) to go along with the most popular jersey in Posey.

Dustin Pedroia (No. 13), Andrew McCutchen (No. 17), Yu Darvish (No. 18) and Justin Verlander (No. 20) round out the top 20 jerseys.

Fourteen of the top 20 are All-Stars this year, while 12 clubs are represented in the top 20.

Rank    Player    Team
1    Buster Posey    Giants
2    Mariano Rivera    Yankees
3    Yadier Molina    Cardinals
4    David Wright    Mets
5    Matt Harvey    Mets
6    Bryce Harper    Nationals
7    Derek Jeter    Yankees
8    Manny Machado    Orioles
9    Mike Trout    Angels
10    Yasiel Puig    Dodgers
11    Hyun-Jin Ryu    Dodgers
12    Miguel Cabrera    Tigers
13    Dustin Pedroia    Red Sox
14    Matt Kemp    Dodgers
15    Clayton Kershaw    Dodgers
16    Sergio Romo    Giants
17    Andrew McCutchen    Pirates
18    Yu Darvish    Rangers
19    Pablo Sandoval    Giants
20    Justin Verlander    Tigers