Barefoot shoe brand Xero Shoes launched eight new styles—two updated running shoes, two trail runners, a workout trainer, a waterproof hiking boot, a men’s casual moccasin, and a faux wool slipper, adding to its over 45 styles of “barefoot shoes”.

“The talented designers on our team developed our brand into a full-fledged line that appeals to the masses,” said VP of Product Development Shaun Aharam. “Our Chief Product Officer, Dennis Driscoll, established the foundation of our Xero Shoes’ DNA, which prioritizes natural movement, and with his guidance, we’ve maintained this focus while incorporating creative design elements.”

The Fall/Winter lineup includes: 

Xero Shoes distinguishes itself from other brands by prioritizing natural comfort through a foot-first design, which includes a wider, foot-shaped toe box, a non-elevated “zero-drop” heel, a flexible sole that allows feet and toes to bend and move naturally and backed with a 5,000-mile sole warranty.

Photo courtesy Xero Shoes