Wilson Sporting Goods Co., announced that Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, has joined its Wilson Advisory Staff.  Wilson is the first quarterback in National Football League (NFL) history to start in two Super Bowls in his first three seasons. Russell Wilson's Passing Academy and Wilson Labs, the innovation hub at Wilson Sporting Goods, will partner to develop and play test new football technologies aimed at improving player experience and performance.  

“We've gotten to know Russell very well over his collegiate and professional years in football, and believe he embodies the performance values that are important to our brand and the athletes we serve,” said Kevin Murphy, General Manager, American Football.  “As the Official Football of his Passing Academy, we are excited to support his efforts to help youth football players develop the skills they need to excel on and off the field.  

“I've been playing football with Wilson footballs – footballs with my name on them – for nearly twenty years…from in pee wee leagues in Virginia to two years ago when my team won a Super Bowl with 'The Duke,'” said Russell Wilson.  “These are the footballs I've always had in my hands.  For me there is no substitute.”

As part of being a Wilson Advisory Staff Member Russell Wilson will have access to Wilson products and expertise to share with his various philanthropic partners and youth programs, including the Why Not You Foundation, Russell Wilson Passing Academy, Seattle Children's Hospital, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, among many others.

Russell Wilson joins the Company's prolific Advisory Staff program that was established more than 85 years ago and is comprised of more than 10,000 professional athletes, coaches, teaching pros and advisors across a wide variety of sports around the world.