In this final installment of our three-part series, the team at ENDVR, a retail sales enablement platform, wants to spotlight the essential role that wholesale channels and physical stores play in enhancing brand sales. Specifically, we are exploring how brands like Vuori leverage retail sales enablement platforms like ENDVR to dramatically drive sales and elevate their wholesale revenue channels to unprecedented success. Building on insights from Part 1 and Part 2 (see below), this section underscores how strategic advancements and digital innovations are crucial for enhancing sales and improving sell-through in physical retail environments.

Why Focus on Wholesale Now?
Physical stores and wholesale channels are indispensable for brands like Vuori, offering tactile and personalized shopping experiences that digital commerce cannot replicate. Recognizing the value of in-person interactions, Vuori employs ENDVR’s platform to redefine customer engagement in physical stores. The Director of Wholesale and Event Marketing at Vuori stated, “ENDVR has been a game changer in creating brand awareness with all of our wholesale partners, all from the comfort of my office. It allows us to stay engaged with retail staff in a variety of fun ways and keep them up to speed with product knowledge. The sales incentives have been a huge hit also!” 

This approach not only meets but exceeds consumer expectations for personalized experiences, fostering deeper connections in every transaction.

Enhancing Customer Engagement
Vuori’s adoption of ENDVR exemplifies how technology can significantly amplify customer engagement in physical retail settings. By deploying ENDVR’s retail sales enablement platform, Vuori has transformed every employee into a knowledgeable advocate for their products. 

Vuori’s partnership with ENDVR exemplifies how strategic digital enhancements can significantly impact sales metrics.

The Power of Relationship Building in Wholesale
The platform’s effectiveness is reflected in a recent user survey, where ENDVR asked retail sales associates selling brand products in wholesale settings questions about digital education and sales. The results speak volumes, with 68 percent of respondents relying on digital platforms like ENDVR for product knowledge and 95 percent of respondents tending to sell more from brands who make an effort to build a relationship. Furthermore, brands using ENDVR saw a 33 percent increase in average selling price (ASP) and a 44 percent surge in reordersMany brands using ENDVR see a 38:1 Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), demonstrating that every dollar rewarded to a sales associate increases sales for the brand.

Discover the ENDVR Difference
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