VSSL today launched VSSL JAVA, a portable hand coffee grinder. The JAVA’s high-end construction and components are designed to deliver exceptional coffee.

“We’re thrilled to finally bring the JAVA to market and to offer excellent coffee anywhere you may roam,” said Todd Weimer, founder, VSSL. “After years of research, development, testing, and tweaking, we’ve finally produced a premium, unbreakable hand coffee grinder that will offer high-quality results to fuel you for what’s ahead.”

Though the JAVA was designed with caffeine-fueled adventure enthusiasts in mind, its durability, versatility of grind settings and quality components offer great coffee to all aficionados. Its stainless steel burr blades and ball bearings retain the full flavor of coffee beans by cutting them to a uniform shape and size, ensuring users will extract the maximum flavor and aroma from the coffee bean. The grinder comes with an adjustment dial with 50 settings for the optimal grind.

JAVA was developed with the aircraft-grade aluminum construction of VSSL’s other products, ensuring it can withstand the toughest of elements. To optimize user experience, VSSL added features like a stowable, magnetized, ergonomic handgrip, and “Clip and Flip” handle — a collapsible carabiner able to withstand loads up to 200 pounds, which easily flips into an extendable grinder handle.

“Whether you’re making coffee in your tent as you prepare for a summit, or in your hotel room as you prepare for a presentation, you can trust that the JAVA will help you thrive in the day ahead,” continued Weimer. “It’s time to elevate the quality of your adventures.”

For more product information, go here.

Photo courtesy VSSL