NYC-based label VPL is an Eco Active Fashion Brand

CEO Kikka Hanazawa, pictured left, mother of two, started her brand VPL with a solid plan … create androgynous clothing that can be worn as both an under garment and as an outer garment using the most sustainable practices.

Her collections bang as luxe athleisure | activewear and have a loyal following among millennials.

Her company embodies an innovative attitude in creating a social shift in fashion that translates directly to manufacturing. Just under 20-percent of fabric used to produce clothing in larger factories ends up in landfills. Hanazawa and her team maximize the yield of the fluoro fabrics used in the brands’ collections by creating garments utilizing material scrap without compromising fit.

Her company doesn’t stop there. VPL partners with top designer factories to collect other unused fabric scraps and uses the savings to fund social initiatives and advocacy programs including a women’s education fund.

VPL apparel functions as almost anything you want it to be and is a reflection of the growing shift in eco fashion and gender binaries. It’s a growing attitude among next generation clothing designers. Photos courtesy VPL