Apex Ski Boots, designer, maker and distributor of the two-piece ski and snowboard boot, is evaluating interest from strategic and financial partners to expand its distribution capabilities as well as utilize the Apex design and IP assets in a broader range of products.

In particular, the company said it desires to partner with global companies who have access to major ski and snow board markets outside of North America, including Europe, Asia and China. Additionally, the company’s recently issued “Serpentine Lacing” patent (U.S. Utility Patent #10,130,138B2) has applications across many types of footwear including hiking boots, industrial, and all-purpose footwear.

Apex President Kevin Tice said, “Our leading-edge products and technology are well-suited for a broad range of markets including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, industrial use and all-purpose footwear. We look forward to engaging in dialogue across the world and we look forward to partnering with other innovators to bring this ground-breaking, unique technology to an expanded global consumer base.”

Apex currently has over 75 retailers offering its products in 150+ locations in six countries. The majority of its business is conducted in North America.

All inquiries should be directed to Kevin Tice at Apex Ski Boots (kevin@apexskiboots.com).

Based in Golden, CO, Apex Sports Group was co-founded in 2006 by ski industry veterans Roger Neiley and Denny Hanson.