A wetsuit to face the emerging environmental crisis.

With our coastlines under siege, the impacts of pollution, ocean acidification, climate change and fossil fuels, rising sea level, and powerful storms that have had a devastating effect on beaches around the world, Vissla teamed up with The Surfrider Foundation to create a wetsuit that addresses these threats.

Working with leading environmental scientists and data collected from studies performed, Vissla revolutionary wetsuit, Rising Seas, will beg you to ask the question, ‘How did we get here’?

The company intends to protect and inform surfers about the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses, algae blooms, oil spills, and high levels of run-off pollution in the water that might affect the outcome of their surf session.

The Suit features Vissla’s BioDefense System—Illuminating power seams, Smart seams, Anti-R Jersey, Grip pads, Touch screen control panel, LED display mask. Watch the video here or click on the still show below.

Vissla constantly strives to minimize its environmental impact and protect the oceans and waves. To learn more about the project go to @surfrider + @visslasurf. To learn more about Vissla go here. Photo + video courtesy Vissla