VF Outdoor is being sued by a company that claims it owns the patent
for footwear with removable inserts for containing objects in the soles.

Archport Shoes says it is the innovator of Shoe Pocket and Method of
Use  and has been selling footwear with removable inserts for
containing objects in the soles for 7 years.

In a press release, Archport Shoes said the Reef “Stash” knock-off
product includes a removable insert in the sole of the sandals, with a
latching feature to secure it in the sole. While Reef’s implementation
of “Stash” includes a stash in the back of the sandal, Archport Shoes
says its “844” patent claims indicate the compartment may be situated
anywhere in the “side of the sole,” including orientation at the heel.
The company New Management, Inc., dba ArchPort Shoes has chosen to
implement the patent at the arch region of the sole.

Archport Shoes also asserts that VF has deliberately disregarded its
patent, Shoe Pocket and Method of Use. VF’s executive management has
had knowledge of the patent since the year 2001. Despite this
knowledge, they have chosen to sell their knock-off “Stash” product.

The company said Reef customers who have purchased the Reef “Stash”
sandal may be eligible to trade their knock off product for an
ArchPortTM sandal. Reef customers can go to www.archport.com to learn
more about details, and to take advantage of this offer.

ArchPort said its shoes are available for purchase through QVC,  ShoeBuy.com and Archport.com, among other retailers