Aquapac will partner with Pale Morning Media for public relations and strategic media consulting.

“The outdoor lifestyle has all but eliminated the boundaries between work, home and play. People are engaging in the outdoor experience seven days a week … and bringing their Blackberries, iPods, cameras, and iPhones along with them,” said Tim Turnbull, CEO of Aquapac. “The same people who recognize how essential it is to stay in touch also recognize how important it is to protect their technology investment.”

Based and built in London, England, Aquapac received a 2007 Queen’s Award for Innovation, the equivalent of a “corporate knighthood” for a British company.

“Aquapac is a premier and rising brand in the outdoor universe. They are innovators who strive for the highest level of personal and professional integrity, and a company that we’re very pleased to be working with,” said Drew Simmons, president and founder of Pale Morning Media.