Vexatec, a Swiss-based developer of the smart shirts, has added Tommy Haas, the tennis star, to its roster of ambassadors.

Haas will assist the company in further developing its Agility Shirts and their adaptation to tennis. Haas will also support the brand’s introduction into the German, European and, in particular, US markets. Other ambassadors include soccer stars Lothar Matthäus and Torsten Frings.

Vexatec said its shirt “offers a comprehensive tracking approach that goes far beyond the classical measuring and recording of speed and stamina such as other wearables offer. Vexatec equips its high-tech product with tiny textile sensors, which directly communicate with the respective app and, thus, allow users direct access to their data.”

Comfort and flexibility are also key features, thanks to compression. Teh company also claims long-term tests show as even 100 washings do not reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Said Haas, “”I am delighted to be the first of my sports discipline to test, use, and enjoy this innovation.”

Vexatec founder Salvatore Gandolfo stated, “We know the effects and functions from motor sports. In the field of telemetry, Formula1, e.g., works with a data set and real-time diagnostics, which are very similar to our approach. The new aspect of the Vexatec innovation is its combination of T-shirt and high-tech solution. This is truly unique. Luckily, Tommy Haas was immediately and enthusiastically in favor of this approach.”

Haas will wear complete further tests of the technology between Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. Gandolfo added, “No matter how hard or long Tommy wants to train, we are ready. Both the shirt and the data-transfer technology are ready, and things can’t get too sweaty for us.”

Photo courtesy Vexatec