Varsity Spirit, a division of Varsity Brands, announced the addition of Brett Gora to its executive leadership team as CFO.

Gora will report to Varsity Spirit President Bill Seely and Varsity Brands Chief Financial Officer John Hutchinson. He will assume day-to-day responsibilities for finance, the execution of the cost strategy and business performance focused on enabling the organization to drive efficiencies and profitable growth. In addition, he will retain his responsibilities of guiding the cost initiatives across the Varsity Brands platform.

Gora most recently worked at Siemens Industry, Inc., where he led a region responsible for the sale, implementation and servicing of intelligent building automation, energy conservation, safety, and security solutions. Throughout his career, Gora has led several businesses in transforming their commercial performance, focusing on analytics, continuous improvement, contract management, and strategic negotiation.

“We are confident that under Brett’s leadership, and with his discipline and experience, we will continue to improve as a company and be in a better position to deliver world-class products and services to our customers,” said Seely. “Brett’s knowledge and track record as a results-oriented leader make him an excellent addition to the executive leadership team, and we are thrilled to have him join us at Varsity Spirit.”

Photo courtesy Varsity Spirit