Cheerleading and dance team company Varsity Spirit has announced a partnership with BAND, a leading group communication service that makes it easy for teams and groups to stay connected.

Varsity Spirit trains 330,000 athletes each summer at camps in all 50 states, and hosts 600 cheer and dance competitions for 900,000 participants all across the country. With a network of more than 60,000 coaches, Varsity Spirit understands the value of a dependable communication tool that promises ease of use for coaches, athletes and parents.

“Coaches look to Varsity Spirit for solutions to their everyday challenges,” said John Newby, executive vice president of corporate partnerships. “Varsity Spirit is excited to partner with BAND to support the development of new features and functions within the BAND app to provide our customers with better means of communicating with each other, whether they are coaches, parents or athletes, as well as within the Varsity Spirit network of employees.”

The BAND communication service is a popular choice among cheer team coaches and parents looking for a way to message in a safe and uncluttered space that’s dedicated to their team. Cheer coaches can use BAND to manage and communicate with their teams on a single platform, with features like group messaging, practice schedules, a calendar of competition events, pictures, videos, and polls.

“As a communication service built for groups, we’re excited for this amazing opportunity to collaborate with Varsity Spirit to encourage leadership through cheerleading and dance. We’re looking forward to providing Varsity Spirit with better communication for their teams and events,” sayid Steven Lee, the U. S. general manager for BAND. “Together with Varsity Spirit, we want to foster the next generation of leaders through great team spirit and communication.

Available at no charge on iOS, Android and desktop, BAND is already being used by more than 50,000 coaches and 25 million groups in 179 countries, including cheer squads, sports teams, small businesses and hobby groups.  For more information, visit or