USRowing is collaborating with NormaTec to provide top-of-the-line recovery technology to the rowing community. NormaTec Recovery Systems use leg, arm and hip compression sleeves to assist athletes with workout recovery and injury rehabilitation.

“We noticed the growth of NormaTec usage by coaches and trainers to promote speedy recovery among collegiate rowers,” said Beth Kohl, chief marketing officer at USRowing. “We consulted with our training staff and approached NormaTec about introducing their recovery technology to the larger rowing community. We’re excited to add this brand to our network of rowing resources.”

USRowing members will be eligible for a discount on NormaTec Pulse products beginning this month. In addition, NormaTec has outfitted USRowing with recovery products for training center athletes.

“Today’s athletes are constantly pushing the frontier of what’s possible in human performance, and NormaTec is proud that our technology is helping them achieve their goals. Rowers are some of the toughest athletes in the world, and as a former rower, I’m excited to introduce NormaTec to the USRowing community and help rowers train harder and recover faster,” said Gilad Jacobs, CEO of NormaTec.