A brand new half-hour TV series, titled “Under Armour Presents Ridge
Reaper,” is launching on  Outdoor Channel. The show features seasoned
hunter Jason Carter and the Under Armour team –
comprised of Under Armour executives Kip Fulks, Koby Fulks, and Bryan
Offutt – as they hunt the biggest game in western North America and
bring the world's most innovative sports brand into the high action
outdoor entertainment arena of Outdoor Channel programming.

The show will air Mondays at 11 pm ET/ 8 pm PT.

Produced by Red Point Digital, LLC and filmed in a documentary style, the series features Under Armour's wildly popular Ridge Reaper line of hunting apparel and boots. From the highest mountain peaks to the hottest deserts, the Ridge Reaper team endures the most extreme conditions and expose themselves to the harshest environments as they relentlessly pursue big-game trophies.

“Ridge Reaper is bringing a new visual style to the world of hunting, and the collaboration with the Under Armour brand is extremely exciting for Outdoor Channel and our viewers,” said Jeff Wayne, Executive Vice President of Programming, Outdoor Channel.

Utilizing in-the-field interviews, voiceovers and riveting storylines similar to episodic dramatic television, a camera crew captures the harvesting of some of the most awe-inspiring trophies and epic adventures ever portrayed on outdoor television.

Wayne continues, “The style of filming for the show will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. They'll feel like they're right there with the team on every hunt.”