Under Armour launched its first-ever subscription service, ArmourBox.

ArmourBox is able to provide a high level of customization by tapping into the brand’s unique AI system to help arm its human stylists with initial recommendations based off of the subscriber’s profile, purchase data from UA.com and Under Armour’s Connected Fitness customers. For example, subscribers who say they run a certain number of miles each week are sent gear that the company knows from its Connected Fitness customers and its e-commerce data, is frequently purchased and positively reviewed by other people who run those distances.

“Hand curated by a real stylist, with product recommendations also sourced from UA.com and Under Armour Connected Fitness customers, ArmourBox is the best way for consumers to get their performance and sport style gear for the season shipped conveniently to their front door when they need it – every 30, 60, or 90 days,” Under Armour wrote in an e-mail send to media. “With no styling fees, no shipping fees and no return fees, it’s risk free and that simple.”

Some of the features of ArmourBox include:

  • ArmourBox subscribers will have access to Under Armour’s latest gear each season, plus each box contains head-to-toe outfits customized to their specific training needs and personal style. Offerings range from basketball to running, golf and studio.
  • Subscribers create a personal profile to help their Official Outfitter build a custom box with gear that fits their game, goals and style. Subscribers can also send a request for an specific type of item.
  • With free returns, subscribers can try on their looks and pay only for what they decide to keep, as well as a 20 percent off discount if they purchase everything in the box.

Under Armour wrote, “ArmourBox provides yet another level of customization and convenience for those who have come to know and expect only the best and widest selection of stylish, high performance footwear, apparel and accessories from Under Armour.”

More information is available at underarmour.com/en-us/armourbox.

Photo courtesy Under Armour