For the last 5 years, Thermore has worked to develop free fiber technology. The brand’s Ecodown Fibers are lofty, offer a high fill power, are durable, recycled and white.

“We realized there was very little to improve, technically. There was only one thing that we could change with this product and it would make all the difference—the way it looks. The progress in fabric technology now allows fabrics to be very resistant and so light that you can see through them. We felt the apparel world was ready for the next challenge—using insulation to give garments a unique visual interest.”—Thermore

Thermore introduces Ecodown Fibers Marble, turning insulation into art. When used, no two garments will look the same. Each will have a unique and distinctive look, making each apparel piece a one of a kind.

Thermore is also introducing Ecodown Fibers Black, shown above. The technology provides a 3D color effect using light-colored fabrics and changes the hue of any fabric to create infinite color possibilities.

Photos courtesy Thermore