In December 2018, leaders in the fashion industry worked together at COP24 in Katowice, Poland, under the auspices of the UN Climate Change, to identify ways in which the textile and clothing manufacturing industries could collectively move towards a more holistic commitment to climate change.

They created the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action which contains the vision to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Mammut is a founding signatory of the Charter. By signing the UN Charter for Climate Action, the brand committed to implementing and/or supporting the 16 principles and targets that underpin the Fashion Climate Charter.

Corresponding with the goals of the Paris Agreement, this week Mammut announced the brand’s “We Care” initiative to support the greater goal of protecting the environment by establishing a circular economic model to reduce waste in the manufacturing process.

In a Target Report, read here or click on the still shot below, Mammut outlines their five-year plan for the SS20 through SS25 market seasons.

“Climate Change is one of the biggest and most urgent challenges of our times. Our glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising and entire regions are drying out. To mitigate global warming and substantially reduce the risks and effects of climate change every country, every industry, every company, and every individual needs to contribute. By stepping forward and proactively assuming its responsibility, Mammut hopes to inspire others to follow suit.”  —Peter Hollenstein, CR Manager, Mammut Sports Group AG.

Photos courtesy Mammut