The Rossignol Group released its strategic plan, Ascension 2026, which commits to investing $50 million between 2022 and 2026. The plan is centered around four pillars:

  1. Innovation to drive sports performance and reduce environmental impact.
  2. Placing industry at the center of transformation by reinforcing the anchoring of its production in France and Western Europe and increasing investments in its manufacturing facilities.
  3. Intentional commercial deployment with diversifying revenues through a global, multi-channel focus on equipment, clothing and footwear for different four-season mountain sports.
  4. Positively influencing society and the mountain environment for which the Group manufactures products and showing that sustainability can coexist with performance.

“With this plan, we are moving Rossignol and its 115 years of history into the future, committing ourselves to create sustainable, inclusive products for both summer and winter,” said President and CEO Vincent Wauters. “Through this roadmap, we will make industrial and environmental investments focused on renewable technologies and life-cycle management, including repairability, second-life uses and recyclability. Following on the heels of introducing the industry’s first recyclable ski, we will make our Sallanches site, the only ski factory in France, the world’s leading factory for eco-designed and recyclable skis.”

Wauters also said Rossignol would use its investments and leadership position to drive revenue growth, targeting $500 million in 2026, compared to $313 million for the 2021/22 fiscal year.

Within the $50 million the company said it would invest in its brands over the next three years, it is targeting $27 million in industrial investments, $15 million of which is linked to its Respect environmental and social progress program. The remainder of the money represents investments in new products and their commercialization.