The North Face (TNF) has secured an exclusive four-year license to use PROTX2 in all products that integrate anti-microbial technologies, according to IFabric Corp., a subsidiary of Intelligent Fabric Technologies (North America) Inc.

In terms of the agreement, TNF will exclusively use PROTX2 in all its products that integrate antimicrobial technologies. The agreement further provides for co-branding of products that are treated with PROTX2 by inclusion of appropriate labeling to that effect.

“We have been working with The North Face for some time and I believe that the signing of a definitive license agreement will further solidify the relationship between TNF and IFTNA,” said Giancarlo Beevis, president and CEO, IFTNA. “Whilst initial focus has been the integration of PROTX2 in a number of their product offerings, we will be working with TNF to develop future products that will integrate additional textile technologies from our product pipeline as and when we commercialize these. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the signing of this strategic agreement will provide entree to additional brands under the VF banner,” concluded Beevis.