will open up a new marketing front when it drops more than 125,000 catalogs in the mail during the first week of November. The winter – 03 catalog is the first for and will become a regular part of the company’s direct-mail activities.

“Because we already have the infrastructure to do direct-mail, it was easy to add the catalog as another distribution channel. It’s an untapped area for us,” said Dustin Robertson,’s director of marketing. “We plan on doing five or six catalogs a year. They’re a very cost-effective way to drive people to the web site”

The 24-page catalog features a product mix from’s most popular manufacturers, including The North Face, Burton, Arc’Teryx, Marmot, Black Diamond, Salomon and a host of others.

To capture the empowerment and peace that comes from backcountry excursions, the catalog incorporates action and lifestyle photography from renowned action sports photographer, Lee Cohen, Cohen’s images have graced the pages of many action sports and lifestyle publications, including Ski, Skiing, Powder, Bike, Men’s Journal, as well as several Patagonia catalogs.

The catalog design uses a unique 10.5 X 10.5 page size to take full advantage of Cohen’s imagery and the technical lust that the gear generates. “It's impossible to flip through this catalog without feeling at least a feint impulse to quit your day job and embark on a vision quest in search of … something … an epic adventure, powder, the ski bum lifestyle …” said Robertson.

The catalogs will be mailed the first week of November to a select list of customers and visitors.