The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), the global nonprofit alliance that empowers collaboration to drive equitable and restorative business practices in the consumer goods industry, announced its rebranding as Cascale.

Its membership includes “over 300 retailers, brands, manufacturers, governments, academics, industry associations, and NGOs/nonprofits worldwide,” and will celebrate the change at a networking event in London with Founder Rick Ridgeway on February 27.

“Cascale’s vision reflects my mission to inspire responsible businesses that commit to transparency and benefit people and the planet,” said Ridgeway, former VP of sustainability and public engagement at Patagonia and Cascale’s co-founder. “Its enduring collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment to sustainability has delivered tremendous impact—but we still have work to do, together. As Cascale evolves to address the needs of a broader scope of consumer goods beyond apparel and footwear, I’m proud to celebrate this new vision of an organization that is close to my heart.”

“Over the years, this organization has consistently demonstrated commitment to living out its values and embracing change for the collective good,” said Tamar Hoek, Cascale board chair and senior policy director at Solidaridad. “I am excited to continue my involvement as board chair at Cascale, alongside executives and staff, and work with members and partners in this exciting new chapter. This is the next evolution towards impact.”

“Collaboration is at the heart of creating positive change in the industry,” said Krishna Manda, Cascale vice chair and vice president of corporate sustainability at Lenzing Group. “Just as we’ve emphasized before, no single player can drive this alone. Cascale’s impactful work has set the stage for a transformative journey. We are thrilled to continue supporting the organization in its next phase of development, building on the revised strategic plan. This is not just a transition; it’s a shared evolution towards a healthier and greener future for everyone.”

“In 2009, Walmart and Patagonia founded the SAC to convene apparel industry stakeholders on a pre-competitive basis and develop a common approach to measuring sustainability. In 2010, the SAC launched the Higg Index suite of tools businesses and organizations use to measure, evaluate and improve social and environmental impact in the textile, apparel and footwear industry.

“Each year, over 24,000 users rely on the Higg Index for improved benchmarking, reduced auditing, and proactive action. As home furnishings, sporting and outdoor goods, and bags and luggage companies began joining the SAC and using the Higg Index tools alongside existing corporate and non-corporate SAC members, the organization identified the need for a more expansive name. Cascale reflects its goal of scaling collective action. As of January 2024, 10 percent of Cascale’s members serve or operate in product categories adjacent to apparel and footwear,” Cascale stated in a release.