San Diego Sport Innovators (SDSI), a Solana Beach, CA non-profit business development organization dedicated to the Sport and Active Lifestyle (SAL) Industry, signed Surf Cup Sports as its 100th member company.

“It’s a big day for us for two reasons,” noted Bob Rief, executive director, SDSI. “Reaching 100 members is really a threshold for SDSI. Our focus is on the SAL community, basically the companies whose products or services constitute the San Diego lifestyle. Bringing together 100 of these companies to promote San Diego and our business category is really fantastic.”

Surf Cup Sports, a youth sporting event organizer, is a significant business generator for San Diego, bringing $139 million in associated revenue annually. Its facilities in Del Mar and Oceanside collectively provide 44 fields of play for the community. More than 200,000 athletes compete on their fields each year. More than 2,000 college coaches attend Surf Cup Sports events to recruit players, resulting in millions of dollars in scholarship awards.

“Secondly, my guess is there is not a more well-known name in North American youth soccer, continued Rief. “To share our 100th member celebration with Surf Cup Sports is especially rewarding and really a perfect fit for SDSI.”

“As one of the top sporting event organizers in the country with deep roots here in San Diego we are excited to join SDSI to participate in the collaborating and networking opportunities provided by the organization,” said Mike Connerley, president of Surf Cup Sports. “We want to continue to grow and improve our business as well as support other San Diego sports companies, and we see SDSI as a vital part of that process.”