Supra, a global footwear and apparel brand born from skate, introduced its new global brand mission, We Are Supra. Launching officially at retail in January 2018, the brand will begin to soft launch the campaign on owned platforms and social channels today, July 20.

Each season, Supra will focus on different characteristics of the mission, highlighting the attributes of Supra’s skate team. The content rollout will include exclusive cuts featuring the likes of Lizard King, Spencer Hamilton, Windsor James and Dane Vaughn.

“We Are Supra captures the essence of the brand and of our core consumers — we break barriers, take charge and go above and beyond in all that we do,” said Senior Vice President of Sales Michelle Smith. “Leading our storytelling with the multifaceted and talented brand skate team, we aim to bring new and current consumers to the forefront of Supra’s mission.”

In 2018, Supra will formally roll out We Are Supra as a multi-platform campaign that will support its global retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. Consumers will see it on several platforms in the skate and lifestyle space. We Are Supra will encompass athletes, innovators and the creative class.

Photo and video courtesy Supra