said that since implementing the Shoefitr's online fitting application last year its return rate has fallen 28 percent.

“Fit is everything in a performance shoe,” said Director of Ecommerce, Tony Marrero. “Shoefitr is exactly the tool we were looking for to help our customers find the right fit. Showing the literal adjustments in the shape of a shoe compared to another gives a competitive soccer player the confidence they need to purchase a new style of cleat.”

The difference between a perfect fitting shoe and a poorly fitting one can be as small as a few millimeters. For soccer players, the fit of the shoe affects a player's ability to control, pass, and shoot the ball.
SoccerPro implemented Shoefitr's application because the visual fitting comparison allows shoppers to optimize their purchase for those few critical millimeters. Shoefitr uses 3D imaging technology to scan the insides of shoes. The measurements are accurate to 250 microns and are used to create a visual display comparing the fit of a shoe a shopper currently wears to the one he/she wants to purchase. This allows players to accommodate their personal fit preferences when shopping online. The application also recommends the best fitting size for each shopper.
After a year of using Shoefitr's application, was rewarded for its investment with a 28 percent reduction in the company's return rate. The numbers were pulled from an analysis performed comparing return rates from 2012 to the same period in 2011, prior to using Shoefitr.
Shoefitr is a Pittsburgh, PA based company that creates software to help online shoe shoppers figure out what size to order. The company uses a database of internal shoe measurements, acquired using 3D imaging technology, to compare the size and shape of a shoe a shopper is currently wearing, to one the shopper wants to buy. Shoefitr has become a staple of most athletic footwear retail sites and recently began working with dress/casual and Women's footwear retailers.